About Patriots for Change

The progressive voice in the Chagrin Valley

Our Priorities

  • Public funding of federal elections with ending of corporate personhood by constitutional amendment.
  • Safe handling of firearms and background checks for all gun sales.
  • Voter education and registration.
  • Access to comprehensive and affordable health care for all citizens.
  • Peace through diplomacy, not war.
  • Clean air, water conservation and sustainable practices in farming and energy production.
  • Women’s right to make personal reproductive choices.
  • Privacy of the individual.
  • Workers’ right to collective bargaining.
  • Nondiscrimination in hiring, wages, housing and public accommodations.

The Early History of Patriots for Change

In the spring of 2004 Judy Kramer, a resident of Chagrin Falls and lifelong Republican, found herself questioning President Bush’s decisions. She knew other people who were anti-war and anti-Bush policies so she invited them for coffee and discussion.

A week later their number grew to eight and they outgrew their table at Einstein’s Bagels so they moved to Heinen’s café. When their number exceeded twenty, these men and women decided to organize — and a grass roots group was born. It took several more meetings to select a name. At the time, President Bush was challenging Americans to support his policies wholeheartedly; to criticize or disagree was to be “unpatriotic.” Hence, the name “Patriots for Change” was chosen, a name that continues to resonate with the progressive movement.

Officers were chosen, by-laws drawn up and a storefront office on Bell St. was procured. A website was created to reach out to other progressives. Members, now over a 100, met twice a month to educate each other about issues and candidates. Although Patriots for Change began as an antidote to the Bush administration, it grew in scope and influence.

Members discussed books about health care, the war, the economy and how to frame our message for greater influence. They held forums on the Electoral College, Social Security, the Ohio Budget and Health Care Reform. They also canvassed for candidates who believed, as they did, in health care for all, ending the Iraq War, bringing reform to electoral campaigns and changing our energy policy.

Today there are over 300 people in the Chagrin Valley who receive our emails and action alerts. One indication of our growing influence was the election of 2008 when a majority of Chagrin Falls voters helped to elect Barak Obama to the presidency, an event celebrated with a big party at the Town Hall. We had begun to bring about change through community education and action, a very satisfying outcome.

Coffee and Conversation

Gather on Saturday mornings for coffee and good conversation.

Facebook Group

Posts by moderators and community members.  A good opportunity to discuss current events online.


Monthly Newsletter

Keep up to date on coming events, community news, political action alerts, and opportunities to volunteer.


E-mail Bulletins

We’ll keep you informed between monthly editions of the Newsletter about breaking news, petitions and other action items.


Outstanding speakers cover topics such as the economy, gun violence reduction, election reform, world events and health care reform.

Book Talks

Read and discuss current political books with your progressive friends and neighbors.


Voter Registration

Patriots for Change volunteers through NOVA ( Northeast Ohio Voter Advocacy) to register voters.


Legislative Advocacy

We provide training and meet with elected officials to inform them about issues important to Patriots.

Community Social Events

We like to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company at picnics, holidays, and committee events.

Collaborative Activism

We work for change with a coalition of groups that share our values



Raise community awareness about important local, state and national issues and enlist community support in the pursuit of peace and justice.

Join Us

Patriots for Change welcomes progressive patriots of any party (and those unaffiliated) committed to political action.

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Political Action

Patriots for Change meets every Saturday morning (with some exceptions) for coffee and conversation. Additionally, we participate in political action, special events, lectures, and more. View our calendar for an updated list of events.

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Patriots for Change

We provide a home for progressives. We welcome progressives of any party (and those unaffiliated). Patriots for Change is the place to be for political action in a congenial atmosphere.

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